About Katie

Makeup artistry and hair styling has always been a huge passion of mine, even as a child I used to dress up in my Mum’s necklaces, (not so expertly) put on her eyeshadows and placed velcro rollers in my hair. As I grew up, during my teenage years I experimented with blushers, eyeshadows and lipsticks from drugstore brands and taught myself how to braid hair (which was a way to manage my unruly, thick and wavy long hair!).

Final Hairspray

Photography by Masha Unwerth

A touch of blush

Photography by Adam Hillier

The Training 

My love for makeup and hair led me to The Iver Makeup Academy in 2016, where I acquired all the skills and techniques to become a professional makeup and hair artist. I was taught an abundance of skills and worked on a variety of different faces which helped me improve massively. The training I received there was with some of the best artists in the industry, and I even had the opportunity to meet and be taught by amazing artists such as Tina Earnshaw, Tamara Tott and Lan Nguyen-Grealis.